Q: What is Laser Tag?
A: Laser tag is a fun team-based game where players aim futuristic looking phasers at lights on the vests of their opponents. A painless and completely harmless radio transmission from the phaser “tags” the lights on the opponents’ vests and scores points. The team with the most points wins the game. There are also bases located in our 6,000 square foot, multi-level arena that can be captured for points. We also have an observation deck where you can view the game! Each player can view their independent and their team score on a monitor outside the arena after the game.

Rules and Safety
In the arena there are several rules to insure safety and fun.
We suggest that players wear closed-toed, rubber-soled shoes.
No running.
No physical contact.
No lying down.
No profanity or screaming.
You must hold the phaser with two hands in order for it to function correctly.
We will have Marshalls in the arena to maintain safety and to help if there are questions.

Q: Can we just come in and play?
A: Absolutely. We run games every 20 minutes. The cost to play for one player, one game is $9.00, two games are $16.00 and unlimited laser tag is $20.00.

Q: What method of payment do you accept?
A: We accept cash, Visa, Master Card, and Discover. Sorry we no longer accept checks for final party payments; however, we do accept checks for the $50 nonrefundable party deposit.


Q: Can I bring in any other food to my booked birthday party?
We do have a concession stand. However, if you would like to bring in any snacks (i.e., fruit, chips, pretzels), you are welcome to. We want you to be comfortable in your room. We do ask that you not bring pizza or drinks. We make our pizzas here and you can order extra for your group if you need them. We will not allow any food items that require electrical use due to safety issues.


Q: Should I tip my party hostess or host?
 We guarantee great service! If you feel that you received exceptional service, a gratuity is left to your discretion and is acceptable.

Q: What time should I arrive for my party?

A: We suggest you arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to your party time. If at this time your room is available you will be allowed to enter your party room early. However, this is not guaranteed and your room will be available at your scheduled party time. Your first attraction will not begin until 15 to 20 minutes after your party time to ensure all your guests arrive due to a push in schedules or traffic, etc.

Q: Will I be charged for adults or smaller children that attend the birthday party?
 Our party minimums are 8 guests. You will only be charged for the number of guests that actually play the games and eat pizza (over the minimum of 8.) If parents and/or any adult guests plan on playing laser tag and eating/drinking, we highly suggest adding them in the party package as it is cheaper doing it this way. They can be added on to your bill or they can pay for themselves at the concession stand.

Q: What if one of the parents want to play the games during my birthday party?
 If there are enough vests available in the arena during your game time, a parent can play the game by purchasing a ticket for $8. (Again as mentioned above, it may be cheaper adding them to the party package).

Q: Is my deposit refundable?
 Deposits are nonfundable; however, parties can be rescheduled based on availability for a different date.

Q: Will anyone else be playing the games with my party?
 We can vest between 35 and 38 guests. If your party is less than that amount, there is a possibility that the public or another birthday may be playing with your party.  

Q: If there an age or height restrictions for playing the laser tag or any other attraction?
 .Players must be age 6 and over, be comfortable in the vest, and feel comfortable playing under black lights.


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